About Us


Murse Life is owned and operated by a Nurse.

We provide a unique brand of apparel and gear that signifies nurses, CRNAs, Nurse Practitioners, CNAs, and anyone who wants to support their local nurse or healthcare worker!


A little about the founder. 
The founder and owner is a retired firefighter and paramedic that decided to become a nurse. He wanted to be a firefighter to bust down doors and fight fire and of course, help people and save lives. After becoming a paramedic, he started to fall in love with the medical side of the job and started to moonlight in the ER as a paramedic. After being a medic in the ER, Mike went to nursing school as more of a backup to the firefighting career. After a few injuries on the job and after the birth of his son, he decided to make nursing his primary career and has never looked back. 
Murse Life was born because there are a ton of awesome designs of shirts and logos for firefighters and not really any for nurses. Murse Life already has a great logo and some unique collections for nurses and really for anyone else that likes the designs! You do not have to be a nurse, or even in healthcare or be a frontline worker to wear products from Murse Life! 
The Caducestache!
Our Logo... The Caducestache, was created with that big ole beautiful stache on the top of it as a symbol to be those living the Murse Life! You do not have to actually have any facial hair to don the logo...you don't even have to be a nurse, CRNA, NP, CNA, or any other nurse for that matter! It's a badass brand and you can just wear it to support those who are in the profession! 


Our Original Logo! Badass but not great on dark material!

That's why we have the Pallor Caducestache!! Pallor, which in the medical world means "paleness" or "loss of color" so it only makes sense that it is the lighter version and used on the materials where our original doesn't work.